How To Keep Your Home Secure This Summer

With school out and summer upon us it may feel like the usual day-to-day worries are slipping away for the season, and although this is definitely an excellent time to enjoy under the warm canopy of sunshine, it is also a time to be extra vigilant of your home security.

Because a lot of people go away over the summer months, it becomes a prime season for thieves to make your home their personal marketplace. So ensuring it is secure will offer you peace of mind and also safeguard against stolen property.

Which is why, at Venture Alarms, we want to provide you with tips on how you can keep your home safe for summer, and have you coming back from your holidays without any unwanted surprises.

Ramp Up Your Locks

Leaving your home asking yourself if you turned off the curling iron, locked the basement windows or shut off the sprinkler are common worries, but worrying about the security of your home should not be the norm.

By locking down items such as BBQ’s, patio furniture, bikes, ladders, and other such items normally freely lying around your yard, it will help keep petty thieves off your property, while also keeping enticing items out of view.

Keep It Green and Clean

Having a browning yard and a piling up mound of newspapers on your patio will make it more noticeable that no one has been home for quite some time, so consider hiring a local trusted neighbour to water your lawn and garden while away and recycle your newspapers – keeping this looking like “business as usual”.

Light it Up

Keeping some lights on in your home will give it the appearance of someone being present. It is a small deterrent, but much better than a dark home, which automatically makes it apparent that no one is home.

Also, before going away, consider taking a video of your home and the items that are of most value, so that you have a current record of the condition of your items in the unfortunate incident your home is a target of thieves.

Additionally, consider having a monitored alarm put into your Lower Mainland property within Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey, and Abbotsford. Our Venture Alarms Security Systems are monitored in Burnaby, providing you with 24/7 customer service. Plus, the contracts we offer are month to month, which means you can cancel monitoring services at any time, so you can have a secure summer without incurring costly losses or long-term contracts.

So call or click for a FREE QUOTE and find out how we can help you with your alarm service and security needs!